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Hot Water is Available the Second Faucet is Turned On!

Quick Hot Water Supply! Built-in Circulation! (A Model Only)

Quick Hot Water Supply

The circulation pump and mini buffer tank circulate hot water at a certain temperature through hot water piping in the building, enabling immediate hot water supply when a faucet is turned on.

Complete Prevention of Cold Water Sandwich Problem

Cold water bursts are a thing of the past: no more sudden changes in water temperature.

No Waste of Water

Since hot water comes quickly, no water is wasted while waiting for the water to heat up.

Easy and Economical Installation

No need to purchase or install additional pumps for hot water circulation makes water heaters more economical.

Powerful Anti-Freezing Feature

Hot water circulation’ feature is enough to maintain hot water in the hot water piping, ensuring freeze protection even during severe winter freezes.

More Convenience by 24-hour Reserved Operation

Convenience is increased by setting hot water circulation schedules through hot water temperature controller.

Plenty of Hot Water Even on the 30th Floor

Highest quality stainless-steel and Navien’s unique welding technology resists water pressure by up to 10gf/cm2.


Advanced Technology

-Enhanced Safety with Dual Microprocessors

Navien’s two microprocessors offer better control and safer operation by Continuously
cross monitoring each other’s performance to assure proper operation at all times.
These two microprocessors not only control the burner for ideal combustion
but also maintain the steady hot water temperature.

-Optimal and stable Combustion with APS and GPS

APS(Air Pressure Sensor) maximizes combustion efficiency by sensing and
controlling the air required for optimal combustion-even in high-wind locations
and installations with long vent runs.


GPS(Gas Pressure Sensor) offers stable combustion by
sensing gas pressure and controlling the fan speed to
maintain optimal combustion, even under a wide range
of gas-pressure changes.

-Triple-Layered, Pre-Mixed Burner

A water flow adjustment valve used as a water shut-off valve removes the necessity of an electrically activated water valve
for each unit and control system.

-Leak Detector

Built-in leak detector prevents damage to water heater as well as personal property.

-Air intake filter

An air intake filter prevents foreign substances, such as dust or insects, from entering the system, freeing the burner from elements that would normally cause unstable combustion or energy inefficiency.


As Much Hot Water as You Want! 98 Ready-Link® Cascade System

-Energy Saving

Conventional boilers or storage water heaters for large volume of hot water waste a lot of money
and energy due to low efficiency. However, with Navien’s 98 Ready-Link ®, you can enjoy the
industry’s highest condensing efficiency of 109% and as much hot water as needed.

-Simple Wiring

The cascade system can be liked to up to 98 units with simple wiring connection and controlled
with just one hot water temperature controller without extra complicated
communication cables and controllers.

-Easy Water Piping

A water flow adjustment valve used as a water shut-off valve removes the necessity of an
electrically activated water valve for each unit and control system.

-Easy Venting

Even if the water heater is not running, the built-in APS (Air Pressure Sensor) is activated to
prevent inflow of exhaust gas from other water heaters, eliminating the need for a separate
damper for each water heater in the installation of a common exhaust pipe.

-Uninterrupted Hot Water Supply

If the master water heater fails, it can be easily replaced with one of the salve water heaters.
Even if one of the slave water heaters breaks, the remaining water heaters operate normally,
preventing any interruption of hot water supply.

-Easy Maintenance and Cost Saving

Since there are no complicated control systems and special maintenance techniques are not
necessary, maintenance is very simple and servicing cost is very low in case of failure.


Stylish Design Plus Convenient Features! Remote Controller(NR-10DU)

-Advanced water heater diagnosis capability and error feedback

-Touch activated back-light function and easy-to-use button type control

-Built-in recirculation timer for water and energy savings

-Key-pad lock button prevents inadvertent temperature changes

-Temperature adjustment in 1 °F increments

             Right Model?

Right Model?

The above GPM rates and shower capabilities are based on a standard 2.5 GPM shower head and a shower temperature of 105 °F. The cold water temperature may change with the seasons. Use the winter water temperatures to make your selection.